Saturday, December 31, 2011

and a happy new year!

After 3,319 miles, lots of good times with family and friends, two Christmases and a visit from Santa Claus, we're back!  As I was pulling into a gas station at 3:30 a.m. on our return trip, both Jon and Sam woke up.  With his eyes barely open Sam asked, "Are we at gwamma's house?".  I had to break the news that we were still very far away.  Sam responded, "We can do it, if we stick together!".  i. love. this. kid.  Then, in the same breath, he said, "This car is makin' me crazy!".  I think he spoke for us all.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a very happy New Year!  2012 is looking to be a big year, full of exciting changes.  Can you say graduation?  Yes, ma'am that's right.  June 4th, save the date.  These are exciting times my friends.

So long 2011, it's been fun, but 2012 is a-knockin'.

Friday, December 16, 2011

fashion friday: road trip

blazer: gap, shirt: old navy, jeans: tj maxx, boots: famous footwear
 Well, we're off!  Over the next 30 hours there will be a lot of driving (duh), reading, movies, chatting, singing, snacking and napping.  Okay, there may not be a lot of singing from me, but not because I don't like to.  It's just that recently, anytime I start singing, Sam says, "Please stop mommy, that makes me feel angry".  I never knew my singing had that effect on people.

And no, I am not actually wearing this outfit today.  These were taken a few days ago.  Today, my clothing choice falls more in line with this.  Trust me, nobody wants to see that.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Earlier this term, we learned about the "imposter syndrome" in class.  "Imposter syndrome" refers to the feeling that you're not actually qualified to be doing whatever it is that you're doing; that you're somehow inadvertently fooling everyone around you and that you're just a fraud {apparently this is a common sentiment among new grad nurses--dang}.  Implied along with this is that you think you are alone in feeling this way.

Something got me thinking about this last night and I realized that this describes to a "T" how I felt as a new mom.  I was over the moon, elated and in love with my little guy, but I somehow felt unqualified for the role.  I'd read the books, attended the classes, and scoured the parenting websites.  I could tell you all about attachment theories, breastfeeding, SIDS, the pros and cons of co-sleeping, you name it, yet I found myself feeling totally unprepared.

I felt like I was the only mama that didn't know to pack an extra outfit in case he peed through his diaper and clothes while we were on our way to dinner.  The only one who initially had such difficulty with breastfeeding.  The only one who wasn't sure if it was possible to give him his pacifier too much.  The only one who was incapable of getting out the door within half an hour of the time I was supposed to leave.  The only one who was unsure of how to assert my authority when other people offered their opinions on caring for my child.

I thought I was the only one.

I've since come into my own as a mother and feel confident in this role.  I've learned much through trial and error, and just good ol' time and experience.  But it dawned on me the other night that all these feelings of inadequacy I had experienced were most likely not unique to me.  Many new mothers {& fathers} probably go through a similar experience as well.

That was my first experience with the "imposter syndrome" and I lived to tell the tale.  I think its only natural for those feelings to arise when you are suddenly entrusted with a great deal of responsibility, whether it's out in the workforce or within your own home.  I'll probably feel like an imposter many more times throughout my life {the next time being upon graduation apparently}, and while its not the most pleasant of experiences at least now I'll know I'm not alone.

Friday, December 9, 2011

fashion friday: groupie

sweater: target, top: old navy, leggings: kohls, boots: famous footwear

Today I was telling Sam how much I love him {this is nothing new}.  He usually responds with a hug and an "I love you" or "I love you sooo much".  Apparently he turned 16 today because he patronized me with an "aww... you so cute".   What am I, just one of his many groupies?

We've been basking in the sunshine here for the last two weeks, a real treat for an Oregon December!  Now I've just gotta store it up to get through the next few months... or just wear this sweater every day.  It’s pretty much like getting to walk around wearing a cozy blanket, except more socially acceptable.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Seeing as we're getting all ramped up for Christmas at our house, we decided to continue with the festivities and check out the Christmas setup at Alpenrose Dairyville.  We visited the petting zoo {Sam decided all the animals belong to Santa},  enjoyed some hot cider and popcorn, stopped to listen to the carolers, and walked around the little western town.  We didn't make it in to see Santa, but we're planning to go back for an encore this weekend to see the big man himself.

We were blown away by how well it was all put together.  And did I mention its FREE? If you live in the Portland area, I highly recommend popping by.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

its okay...


Isn't that the truth?  We all have a tendency to show only what we want the world to see, from our day to day interactions, to facebook, and yes, even in blog land.  Well here are a few of my "behind-the-scenes", and you know what? Its okay.

  • its okay that I don't cook dinner every night.
  • its okay that I'm not the best housekeeper.
  • its okay that I eat some kind of sweets everyday.
  • its okay that Sam knows the refrain to Katy Perry's "Hot 'n Cold", but doesn't know "Mary had a Little Lamb".
  • its okay that I could have been done with fall term a week earlier if I hadn't procrastinated on writing my final reflection that only took a half an hour to complete.
  • its okay that I spent half of the money I made from selling my old textbooks on a new pair of shoes.
  • its okay that I never remember to get the oil changed.
  • its okay that I need to go see my orthodonist tomorrow.
  • its okay that we'll be driving 27 hours in a couple of weeks to go visit Jon's family because we can't afford plane tickets.
  • its okay that Sam's "baby's first Christmas" ornament still has the generic model baby picture in it and regardless of this, is hanging on our tree

Monday, December 5, 2011

the tree

We finally did it!  We picked out our perfect tree this weekend and cut it down ourselves.  Okay, Jon cut it down but I was there for moral support.  This was our perfect tree for two reasons: 1) its narrow base fits perfectly in our little living room, 2) it bore the $10 tag.  Okay, so it was mainly #2 that we were so excited about, but #1 was still a bonus.  When we were purchasing it, the owner chuckled at how sparse the tree was and made a comment about this one needing a lot of tinsel.  Listen here buddy, we don't do tinsel and I love my $10 tree, sparse branches, slightly browned lower needles and all.  And so does Sam.  And my hubs is fairly indifferent.  That is all.

Sam helped decorate the tree by pretending to eat the candy cane ornament.

And I felt the need to clarify something on the last post.  Jon thought that I had posed Sam for those pictures.  For the record, I did no such thing.  Those poses are 100% his own, no help needed.

Friday, December 2, 2011

fashion friday: male model

Sam-- shirt: gap, vest & pants: kohls  &   Me-- turtle neck & scarf: target, jeans: kohls, shoes: j.c. penney

Sam was looking so dapper today that I decided he deserves his own outfit post.  Check out those moves, such a natural!  He knows how to work what his mama gave him!
{Oh wait, I'm his mama... ha!}

Last night I was putting Sam to bed {lately I feel like all my stories start like this} and as I was reading about how many friends the friendly lion has, I began squinting and blinking my eyes.  The following conversation ensued:
Sam:  "Don't cry mommy..."
Me:   "I'm not crying sweetie, I've got something in my eye."
Sam:  "is it a rubberband?"
Me:   "no, it's not a rubberband."
Sam:  {thinks for a second} "a elbow?"
Me:   "no, not an elbow."
Sam:  "uh... a truck?"
Me:   "nope."
Sam:  "you got gwanma in your eye?"
Me:   "no, I do not have grandma in my eye.  It's probably just some makeup."
Sam:  "ohhh..."

Gah... don't-cha just hate it when you get grandma stuck in your eye??

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the simple joys

1.  A Black Friday trip to the beach.

2.  Putting Sam to bed last night, he wrapped one little arm around my neck and one around Jon's and said, "We're best friends".  I think my heart just melted.

Monday, November 28, 2011

gotta share

So, I just had to give a shout out to my newest favorite beauty product. Lipstain.  I know lipstick is kind of a big dealio right now, and I've tried to like it, but I just don't.  It just doesn't seem to work on me, so I've always just stuck with my good ol' lip gloss.  Well the other day I was perusing the Target cosmetic department and stumbled upon this Maybelline Colorsensational lipstain.  It was only $5 and I had a $2 off coupon.  Three bucks?  Sold.

It's available in several colors, the one I am wearing is called Feelin' Rosy.  It looks just like a marker and you draw right on your lips {see, all the blood, sweat, and tears you poured into practicing staying in the lines back in first grade has finally paid off!}.  After drawing a line I then smudge it a bit with my finger to help keep the color from being too intense.  Then just top it off with your favorite lip gloss or chapstick.  And the best part is that it stays on for most of the day!  Anyway, I just had to share, I'm in love.

What are you waiting for?  Go git yerself some.

*disclaimer: Maybelline does not even know I exist, let alone reimbursing me for my opinion.  I just wanted to share the love.

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

It's officially Christmas season!  For me Christmas started immediately following trick-or-treating, but I know a lot of people have a hang up about Christmas "waiting it's turn".  Now that Thanksgiving has passed I'm free to celebrate my love for all things Christmas without getting the stink eye.  I've got a few boxes of Christmas decorations that have been pulled out of storage and are now patiently awaiting me--this + a little Christmas music is how I intend to spend my day.  Hopefully I can convince Jon that picking out our Christmas tree is this evening's top priority.  Wish me luck, I'll need it!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

give thanks

I have so much to be grateful for this year.
So many blessing, so many joys, so much love.
This is what I plan to contribute to our Thanksgiving feast.
Makes my mouth water just looking at it!

But on second thought, perhaps I should have settled on something
requiring a little less kitchenly skill like this:


Monday, November 21, 2011

the uniform

I had to temporarily boycott my computer for the last few days.  My term paper and project were due at the end of last week and by the time that was done I just felt 0% like typing even one. more. word.  But now I'm back {hooray!}, glad that's over.

The pictures above depict the most exciting outing of the week:  the first trip to our new {to us} local public library.  Picking out truck books, glaring at children who tried to sneak a peak at said truck books, running down the isles, playing with puppets, signing up for our new library card; I think it'd be safe to say that fun times were had by all.

The rest of the week was uneventful.  I wore "the uniform" all week.  Sounds pretty legit, eh?  My college roommates dubbed it that.  I'd put on my most comfy sweat pants, my biggest sweatshirt & favorite slippers, and would not take them off until all my term papers were completed.  I wrote in them, slept in them, ate in them, showered in them {okay, who am I kidding, there was no showering}.  As soon as my roommates saw the uniform, they knew I meant bidness.  The best part was that it really was not intentional, I was oblivious to "the uniform's" existence until they called me out on it.  Let me tell ya, I was not a pretty sight.  But that's what friends are for.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

where's my invite?

Last night, Jon put Sam to bed while I went to the gym. This is what I came home to.
Looks like I missed quite the party.

Let's play a little game.
I spy:
  • "daddly" study notes {Sam always adds an "L", I don't know where this came from but apparently he's stickin' with it}
  • a minimum of three books on the topic of trucks and tractors
  • a bath time boat
  • Thomas the Train underwear worn as outerwear.
  • an exhausted daddly
  • a tuckered out "two-bit" {that's what daddly calls him}

These two make the cutest pair.  How'd I get so lucky?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the simple joys

Beautiful fall colors.

I cannot even express how much I love when the trees turn color. Poor Jon, Sam, anybody who happens to be stuck in a car with me, is forced to endure "OOOOH LOOK AT THAT ONE!" about every 9.8 seconds.  I am so dedicated to my cause that I even take pictures while driving.  Don't photograph and drive, kids.

I just can't get enough. Simply glorious.

Monday, November 14, 2011


A little boy was "fishing" with a bungee cord off the side of his bed.  It got caught on something so he pulled and pulled, trying to get it free.  But it remained stuck and he grew frustrated.  Wanting to let him figure it out on his own,  his mama only offered words of encouragement.  After continued failure, he sat back to reevaluate the situation.  "Maybe my feet can do it...", he thought out loud.  This made his mama smile, she loves the way his little mind works.

p.s. turns out they couldn't.
{but in the end, his hands could, and he was so very proud that he had done it all by himself}

Friday, November 11, 2011

fashion friday: 3 elevens

Sweater & Scarf: Target, Jeans: Gap, Boots: Younkers
  1. It's 11/11/11!  Wouldn't that make for a great anniversary? Your husband would never forget it.      Fact:  the band 311 went to the same high school I graduated from {long before me though}.         Fact:  they named their band 311 because school got out at 3:10.                                                 Fact:  I'm pretty sure I don't know a single song by 311.
  2. I love this scarf.
  3.  Sorry about the weights, tangled cables and tiny yellow lego.  I was oblivious to these beauties until going through these pictures.
  4. Dark by 5 pm?  Daylight savings, you're dead to me.
  5. Samuel informed us last night that, "I a man, not a boy!".  Umm... excuse me?
  6. Seeing as Sam frequently asks me if I have a penis {fyi I have not grown one as of yet, but I'll def let you know if anything changes in that department}, I'm pretty sure he is unaware of the differences between boys and girls, let alone boys and men.
  7. Sam and I were perusing the shoe department at Nordstrom Rack and he kept pulling shoes off the shelf and throwing them into the cart, telling me that I needed them.  To the future Mrs. Sam:  You can thank me later.
  8. Our 7 lb miniature dachshund assaults our neighbor's 80 lb pit bull on a weekly basis.  After yesterday's assault the guy turned to his dog and asked, "Are you okay??". This is getting embarrassing.  So now Lucy is only allowed out on her leash. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

little husband

I had so much fun sharing some pictures of little me a few weeks ago that I thought I'd share some pictures of little Jon too.  Excuse me, Jonathan.  He was a "Jonathan" at this age {and still is to mama}.  Isn't he the cutest?  He's the little guy with the tiny fish.

Well, I think its clear where Sam gets his mischevious side from.

Look at those knobby little knees!  Betcha never would've guessed he was voted best legs {for guys} in highschool...

Such a little gentleman

Sure love that guy, tiny knee socks and all.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the simple joys

A day at the park.
Flying, sharing flowers, "daddly" hugs, & successfully finding the only mud hole in the whole park.


I decided to make "the simple joys" a regular deal around here.  It's a good reminder for myself to take the time to recognize the everyday joyful moments that can sometimes be taken for granted or go unnoticed in our busy lives. 

What are your simple joys?

Monday, November 7, 2011


Is this floor not amazing?  I envision it in a home office with a crackling fire in the fireplace, a giant cozy polar bear rug {faux, of course}, a pile of books, bottomless mugs of hot chocolate, and my two favorite guys.

If someone would be so kind as to install it in my home, I would be most appreciative. Please come prepared to also build on a home office.

Friday, November 4, 2011

fashion friday: faux

Shirt: H&M, Sweater: Target, Faux fur stole: H&M, Jeans: thrifted, Shoes: JC Penney

You are looking at a real life card-carrying gym member.  That's right folks.  Don't I look fitter already?  Please don't answer that.  I have never been a gym member outside of school fitness centers and now I feel kinda fancy.  This lady spends too much time sitting in a chair working on her homework and browsing pinterest.  So when I came across a great deal at our local gym I had to jump on it.  Okay, more like peel my bum out of my chair and into my vehicle to drive to the gym to sign up.  Baby steps people.

In all seriousness though, I'm really looking forward to it.  At night, after Sam's all tucked into bed and Jon's studying, I can slip out and spend some time just focusing on me.  Sound kinda selfish?  Maybe, but my fellow mamas out there know what I'm talking about.

Speaking of mamas, my mama bought me this fur stole for Christmas {she just doesn't know it yet}.  Thanks Mom!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011