Friday, August 26, 2011

the ring

My big sis {whom I affectionately refer to as "Lovey"} came to spend the day with me yesterday.  So what do two sisters do with a whole day to do whatever they please?  Go to the shopping mecca only five minutes from my new home of course.  Seriously, its a shopping oasis.  Unfortunately my bank account is the Sahara...

We were minding our own business scouring the J.C. Penney clearance racks when Michelle found a ring.  {I know, I know... why were you at J.C. Penney when there's a whole "shopping mecca"?  Because they gots dealz!}  After determining it was real, we had a decision to make.  Do you just hand over a diamond ring to a cashier and trust they'll do the right thing?  Or do you cryptically tell them you found a ring and leave your number for when the owner comes looking for it? This is a situation that requires a call to mama.  Luckily we got a two-fer because pa was there too.  The consensus: just report finding the ring and leave a phone number without showing the sales clerk the ring or giving a description.  Can't trust those sneaky Penney's employees.

Umm... did everyone forget that for a fleeting high school summer, I too was a Penney's employee?  Happily shopping folding clothes and organizing racks.  As an upstanding employee, I never got into trouble.  Except for that time my department manager {the one with the pink, heart-shaped engagement ring} said something racist in front of a customer of ethnic minority and when she got in trouble, she blamed it on me.  How? I don't even know.  So then I was called into the big wig's office and got talked to about how would I feel if people said mean things about blond haired people, or said blue eyes and freckles were ugly.
"I would feel bad".

Okay.  I think we made the right decision.

 {the above picture is not "the ring", it is my ring, which I love (thanks Jon!).  I thought it better not to post a picture of a lost ring on the internet (to keep the fakers away).}

I was able to return the ring to its rightful owner today!  In the words of Sam, "happy birthday!" :)

{And now that it's safely returned, here is a picture of the lovely lost-and-now-found ring.}

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