Wednesday, August 31, 2011

these shoes

{these shoes cost me $1}

{this dog cost me $200}

{the little boy there, the one eating the peach, well he's priceless}

Let's talk about these shoes.  These shoes are from Banana Republic, they retailed for $98.  I picked these little beauties up for $1.  That's right, one dollah.  There they were, at a garage sale, in all their true genuine leather glory, in my size, looking like they've never even been worn.  A true garage sale miracle!  How I got so lucky, I do not know.  I'm not known for being the lucky one in my family.  Lovey, now she's the lucky one, always winning contests and free junk.  But not me, never me.  Until now.  And you know what, it feels {and looks} good to be a winner.

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