Saturday, September 3, 2011

childlike honesty

Sam was looking through our wedding album and stopped to examine this picture from our honeymoon.  He pointed to Jon and said, "who is dat?".  I said, "that's daddy".  He looked at it again and said, "dat look like Shrek."  Seriously? Okay, I'll admit that this is not the most flattering picture of either of us, but Shrek??  I couldn't stop laughing, so I texted Jon to inform him of his newest celeb look-alike.  He texted this back:  :(

The next morning, I turned on the computer and this was our new desktop:

Hahaha!  Love him and love it!  {this is another picture from our honeymoon, although the original does not include so much green}

Here's a few more pictures from our trip to Puerto Vallarta; you can see for yourself that I did not in fact marry an ogre.

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  1. IM DYINGGGGG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA I love your blogggg! I'm going to stalk it too hehe XO

  2. Yay!! Thanks! I'm pretty sure that mutual stalking actually negates any stalkerness :)

  3. HAHA! Reagan called my friend's boyfriend Shrek at dinner one night... it's hilarious!

    And I don't think he looks like an ogre! Beautiful couple!

  4. hahaha, u r such a great blogger! Super funny.


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