Friday, September 30, 2011

crunch time

Can it really be October already??  holy smokes.  I remember being little and time lasting an eternity.  No matter what I was waiting for, good or bad, it was always a million light years in the future.  Now, with each blink, the months fly by and instead of waiting for dreams in the future, I try to live in the here & now because all to soon it will be years that pass me by.  Then decades. And then a lifetime.

Anyway,  back to October.  I need to pick a Halloween costume for the Sam-a-ram!  His first Halloween he was the cutest porcupine you ever did see.

And last year he was the cutest little sea otter you ever did see.

I'm sensing an animal theme here...

I'm having trouble deciding on a costume this year, I want it to be unique but sometimes creativity eludes me.  I saw this on pinterest:

Love it.

It's crunch time now.  Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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