Wednesday, September 14, 2011

it's a comin'...

{found on pinterest}

Whether I'm ready or not {I'm not} fall is on its way in.  Fall was probably my favorite season before I moved to Oregon.  Now fall means the beginning of the rainy season, which lasts until the following summer.  But no matter where I live, I will always have fall fashion to look forward to.  For example, how great is the above outfit?  I love everything about it, so much in fact that it almost makes me forget about that impending rain.  Now that's a great outfit.   So, just pass me a nice pair of high-waisted flare jeans, a lovey blazer and a great bag {along with a pair of galoshes, rain coat, umbrella, and enough lumber to build an ark} and I'm ready.  Bring it fall.


  1. I am really excited for fall attire this year. Love this chic outfit!

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  2. would love to have you as a follower...
    have a wonderful weekend!

    i'm pretty excited about fall as well... even more excited for winter actually! i can already smell the pumpkin pies and all. haha

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    cins - design3rd


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