Monday, September 12, 2011


I  had a wonderful extended weekend visiting my family and taking a Sunday road trip with my two men {the big one and the little one that is, not like the pool one and the landscaper one...}.

My little sister just started high school this year {can't believe my baby sister's in high school} and she made the soccer team.  Sam and I drove down to watch the first game.  Her team won and she did awesome.

Have you ever seen a more picturesque field?  Hills, trees, a farm house.  I kept waiting for the film crew to show up, it was seriously something out of a teen movie circa 1999.  The picturesque soccer field, plus the football team practicing on the next field over, and the cross country team running 58,413,584 laps around them all.  All we're missing is Freddie Prinze Jr.

I kept trying to get a "real action shot" of little sis, and all of them looked very similar to the above picture.  Hello slightly wedgied ref butt.  Hats off to sports photographers.

I had been talking ALL week about how I needed to go to Cannon Beach this weekend because the temps were supposed to be mid 80's.  In order to truly appreciate this forecast, there is something you need to know about the Oregon coast:  it's always chilly.  No  matter the time of year, as soon as you cross the coastal range, temperatures drop and clouds move in.  So 85 and sunny is truly miraculous.  Dressed in our shorts and t-shirts, we packed up our towels and sunscreen, I even brought Sam's swim trunks.

If it's possible for a local tourism bureau to pay off a weather forecaster, this was it.  30 degrees colder.  55 stinking degrees at the coast; not exactly shorts and t-shirt weather. We turned our scantily clad butts right around and found a warmer place to play.

{he's "fishing"}

{picking huckleberries}

{eating huckleberries}

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