Friday, October 28, 2011

fashion friday: daylight

Top: Elle, Sweater: Target, Necklace: ???, Jeans: LC for Kohls, Bag: Vera Wang for Kohls {would it be safe to say I love Kohls?}
Daylight is becoming a limited commodity around here.  This was the only day my photographer was home while the sun was up; that's how you roll when you're a med school widow {Jon hates that term, it makes him feel bad.  I think it's funny and true}.  It's not my fave outfit of the week, but it's the only documented one.  I just realized I sound like my grandma who always claims "It was better the last time I cooked it".  In fact, I don't think I've ever eaten a meal at her house when it was at its best.
So there ya have it, "It was better the last time I got dressed". 
Today I got a "super hero hug!" courtesy of Sam.  Jealous?


  1. love this outfit so much!

  2. I too am missing the warm, summer nights where the sun was up past 6! Love your casual-chic weekend outfit.



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