Tuesday, October 25, 2011

now I've done it

I chopped off my baby's hair.  I need to stop playing hairdresser.  Those people go to school for a reason, you know?  But I was all, "Nooo, I can do it, I cut Jon's hair.  I cut Sam's hair.  Why not try a whole new style on Sam?".  Dang you confidence.

I miss his long hair, running my fingers through it, and how it bounces when he runs.  But most of all I miss the blond.  It's been gradually getting darker over the last year anyway, but the ends were still blond, and now those blond ends are gone thanks to me.  Plus he looks older now and what mama wants her babies to grow up faster than they already do?  I'll find you one when pigs fly.

Regrets, right here.

He is still pretty darn cute though {if I do say so myself}.


  1. he looks cute! a little older too! the long hair is cute too. i play hairdresser way too much on my husband and i'm just starting to on my son. At least you do a good job. I don't. :)


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