Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the simple joys

Beautiful fall colors.

I cannot even express how much I love when the trees turn color. Poor Jon, Sam, anybody who happens to be stuck in a car with me, is forced to endure "OOOOH LOOK AT THAT ONE!" about every 9.8 seconds.  I am so dedicated to my cause that I even take pictures while driving.  Don't photograph and drive, kids.

I just can't get enough. Simply glorious.


  1. Wow, nature can be breathtaking in the fall. It's such a beautiful picture!:)

  2. Such a beautiful color! <3

  3. oh my gorgeous!!! i don't miss many things about the north but that ^^^^ is certainly one of them!

  4. Great picture! The leaves have washed away by the rain and snow already here. I miss it when I see this picture! So beautiful :)

  5. Oh my...this photo is GORGEOUS!
    This is way random but I saw you commented on Cup of Jo's blog for her necklace giveaway...and thought I'd let you know I'm doing a similar giveaway with a VERy cute personalized stamped necklace!

    You should come check it out...hey two entries is better then one right?! :-)



  6. Thank you for your comment! Fall in Michigan is spectacular. Looks like you've captured a pretty amazing shot of the fall colors yourself. : )


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