Friday, December 2, 2011

fashion friday: male model

Sam-- shirt: gap, vest & pants: kohls  &   Me-- turtle neck & scarf: target, jeans: kohls, shoes: j.c. penney

Sam was looking so dapper today that I decided he deserves his own outfit post.  Check out those moves, such a natural!  He knows how to work what his mama gave him!
{Oh wait, I'm his mama... ha!}

Last night I was putting Sam to bed {lately I feel like all my stories start like this} and as I was reading about how many friends the friendly lion has, I began squinting and blinking my eyes.  The following conversation ensued:
Sam:  "Don't cry mommy..."
Me:   "I'm not crying sweetie, I've got something in my eye."
Sam:  "is it a rubberband?"
Me:   "no, it's not a rubberband."
Sam:  {thinks for a second} "a elbow?"
Me:   "no, not an elbow."
Sam:  "uh... a truck?"
Me:   "nope."
Sam:  "you got gwanma in your eye?"
Me:   "no, I do not have grandma in my eye.  It's probably just some makeup."
Sam:  "ohhh..."

Gah... don't-cha just hate it when you get grandma stuck in your eye??


  1. Lovely pics <3 Come to see me :) We could follow each other! :)

  2. That's a cutie! I love little boys in sweater vests. I serioulsy buy my son one every time I see them!

  3. Precious!! I wish there were more kids in my life!

  4. such cute pictures! I ADORE them :)

  5. Your little Sam is just adorable! And thank you so much for the sweet words of encouragement that you left on my blog!!:)

  6. Hi! Thank you for the comment on my engagement. I'm thrilled that we have pictures! I finally got a chance to check out your blog and I am loving it - your outfits and your family are lovely!

  7. haha so so cutee! he looks adorable. i just found your blog. i love it! im a new follower x

  8. So handsome, love his baby yoga, haha! That story is adorable, little oens are funny.

    <3 Kellie

  9. OMG I love the picture with you 2 on the floor so adorable!


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