Friday, December 16, 2011

fashion friday: road trip

blazer: gap, shirt: old navy, jeans: tj maxx, boots: famous footwear
 Well, we're off!  Over the next 30 hours there will be a lot of driving (duh), reading, movies, chatting, singing, snacking and napping.  Okay, there may not be a lot of singing from me, but not because I don't like to.  It's just that recently, anytime I start singing, Sam says, "Please stop mommy, that makes me feel angry".  I never knew my singing had that effect on people.

And no, I am not actually wearing this outfit today.  These were taken a few days ago.  Today, my clothing choice falls more in line with this.  Trust me, nobody wants to see that.


  1. Love that yellow shirt!

    That is too funny that he says that about your singing! haha.

  2. Have a great trip & take lots of photos! Also, great outfit!

  3. Beautiful outfit! Your son is hilarious.

  4. hahaha, your singing makes people angry? that is too funny!

    cute outfit!

    have a fun road trip :)

  5. Cute boots & I love your shirt ! Are your boots frye? I love them !


  6. Thanks! I wish the boots were frye... but they are not. I got them from famous footwear last year.

  7. Oh my gosh Christine, I really need a lesson in hair curling from you! Your outfit is too cute and I'm jealous of your hair!

  8. i am in love with that yellow and white checkered shirt!!! totes adorbs.


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