Tuesday, December 6, 2011

its okay...


Isn't that the truth?  We all have a tendency to show only what we want the world to see, from our day to day interactions, to facebook, and yes, even in blog land.  Well here are a few of my "behind-the-scenes", and you know what? Its okay.

  • its okay that I don't cook dinner every night.
  • its okay that I'm not the best housekeeper.
  • its okay that I eat some kind of sweets everyday.
  • its okay that Sam knows the refrain to Katy Perry's "Hot 'n Cold", but doesn't know "Mary had a Little Lamb".
  • its okay that I could have been done with fall term a week earlier if I hadn't procrastinated on writing my final reflection that only took a half an hour to complete.
  • its okay that I spent half of the money I made from selling my old textbooks on a new pair of shoes.
  • its okay that I never remember to get the oil changed.
  • its okay that I need to go see my orthodonist tomorrow.
  • its okay that we'll be driving 27 hours in a couple of weeks to go visit Jon's family because we can't afford plane tickets.
  • its okay that Sam's "baby's first Christmas" ornament still has the generic model baby picture in it and regardless of this, is hanging on our tree


  1. I have to eat something sweet every day too. Usually it is a piece of chocolate or ice cream! YUM!

  2. It's always okay to spend old-book money on shoes! :)

  3. Love this!
    I need to add this to my weekly posts!
    I cracked up at the ornament confession! lol totally something I would do!!!!
    We got a family tree with 10 pictures for our anniversary in November and it's hanging on our wall with a beautiful family that isn't mine! haha

  4. love this post!!
    I will be doing one soon!!
    Is ok that your list is so short compare to mine!! ha ha

  5. How about,"It's okay that I haven't cleaned my house in the last three days or unpacked from our weekend trip because I've been working..." Thanks for the behind the scenes look. I think we often forget that other people are "real people" too.

  6. Amen! Thanks for this post! I needed it!

  7. awe! love this post. my daughter also knows so many taylor swift songs but doesnt know marry had a little lamb either. lol. & i too, have a few model baby pictures on my tree. haha.

  8. I love that you posted some behind the scenes information. Very cool. I'm a new follower :) I'd love for you to stop by my blog some time and say hi (and follow back if you're interested).

  9. we all have a few 'behind the scenes'. i think they help make us who we are.
    thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and even leaving a comment. so sweet! oh, and my Bf...a total keeper ;)

  10. I love this list! It's so true, none of us are perfect and our imperfections make life that much more interesting. I always forget to get my oil changed? My husband seems to think that is an important thing or something... :)

    I'm a new follower, would love for you to visit my blog sometime and follow back if you're interested!


  11. That is probably the best and most TRUE quote ever! I may have to borrow it! :-)

    thanks for stopping by! I am your newest follower! You blog is great!

  12. aww... thanks for the love! I'm glad to know I'm not alone in my "behind the scenes" :)

  13. I LOVED this post!! I love when bloggers are more transparent and honest. And I LOVE this quote! It constantly reminds me to stop comparing myself to other people!
    ♥ Kyna

    P.s- following you now! Loving your blog!


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