Monday, December 5, 2011

the tree

We finally did it!  We picked out our perfect tree this weekend and cut it down ourselves.  Okay, Jon cut it down but I was there for moral support.  This was our perfect tree for two reasons: 1) its narrow base fits perfectly in our little living room, 2) it bore the $10 tag.  Okay, so it was mainly #2 that we were so excited about, but #1 was still a bonus.  When we were purchasing it, the owner chuckled at how sparse the tree was and made a comment about this one needing a lot of tinsel.  Listen here buddy, we don't do tinsel and I love my $10 tree, sparse branches, slightly browned lower needles and all.  And so does Sam.  And my hubs is fairly indifferent.  That is all.

Sam helped decorate the tree by pretending to eat the candy cane ornament.

And I felt the need to clarify something on the last post.  Jon thought that I had posed Sam for those pictures.  For the record, I did no such thing.  Those poses are 100% his own, no help needed.


  1. Only 10 bucks for a tree? That seems much more reasonable then I was thinking a fresh tree would cost! Cute pics!

  2. Wow! What Christmas Tree farm did you go t? I usually go to one of the many out in Hillsboro. Nevertheless, this brings back so many memories. Every year, my family cuts down the tree and then on the way back we eat homemade snickerdoodles and drink hot chocolate! Of course that's the best part :p

  3. I've always wanted a real tree, to go out and cut it down ourselves and bring it home. So fun. But, My husbands allergies would never let that happen. lol. But yours looks GREAT! & For 10 bucks?! You can't beat that! :)

  4. Thanks ladies! Yeah, I think Christmas trees run a little cheaper out here in the Pacific Northwest (considering we're surrounded by them!).
    Kalli, we went out past Hillsboro too, to a farm called the Foye Fir Farm--now I'm wishing we had brought homemade snickerdoodles too...

  5. so exciting!! your tree is beautiful!!

  6. Beautiful photos! And your son is so much cute!! :))


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