Tuesday, January 17, 2012

arctic blast

sweater: Target, shirt: Forever 21, scarf: H&M, jeans: thrifted, socks: JC Penney, boots:  Famous Footwear
Check out the arctic blast we got.  Okay, I don't think they really used the term "arctic blast" this year, but a couple of years ago the weatherman gave an incoming winter storm that name and this is about what it ended up looking like.  And everybody put chains on their tires and ran out to the grocery stores to stock up.  It's a little snow, not doomsday you silly western Oregonians.  You want to experience an arctic blast, try walking a mile to elementary school in the middle of winter in Nebraska. Uphill both ways...


  1. Knee-high socks and lace scarf? Perfect winter attire! Love your blog.


  2. you are too cute! love your outfit, as always!

  3. haha now that is my type of artic blast!

  4. I am so jealous that this was ever considered an arctic blast! This week we are in a literal arctic blast... B works mostly outside but they'll get frostbite within minutes so we get him home for a few days. No cute little cardigans and light scarves for this mama! But you look cute and I'm loving these outfit posts

  5. I really like your outfit!!!!
    I'm taking inspiration!!
    Have a nice day!!
    (Thank you for comment on my blog!)

  6. okay - I can't stop looking through all your outfit posts - I LOVE your clothes and style! : )


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