Saturday, January 28, 2012


belt: vintage, jeans: thrifted, sweater: Target, shoes: JC Penney
I just discovered the most amazing thing on our last trip to the library.  The movie section {I know, I know, I'm practically Columbus}.  Most nights we don't have much time to watch tv, but about once a week Jon and I like to snuggle up and watch a movie.  And guess what movie I've been craving for approximately the last three weeks. the notebook.  and guess who doesn't have the notebook. redbox.  but guess who does.  my new best friend, the library movie section. Unfortunately I am not the first person in Portland to have discovered this {go figure} as there are already like 5 holds on it.  But don't you worry Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling, consider yourselves officially on hold, you will be seeing my smiling face very soon.


  1. I love the movie section of the library! I was so surprised that they had newer releases too because I thought it would just be old classics!

  2. Christine!!
    Thank you very very much for your post on my blog!!!I really love your blog, and you have great style!!!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  3. Ahh, The Notebook. Gets me every time :) Hope you enjoyed!
    Oh - Fancy That.


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