Thursday, January 26, 2012

doing something right

This morning was one of those mama guilt mornings.  Sam woke up just as I was about to walk out the door on my way to clinicals, so I was forced to try and fit a whole morning-cuddle-sesh into approximately 30 seconds.  Of course Sam found this to be an unacceptable time frame.  So I was forced to peeeel him off of me and run out the door.  Apparently he cried for 15 minutes.  augh.  such a bad mama...

Fast forward 12 hours later, I'm picking him up and we shower each other with hugs & kisses, I love you's & I missed you sooo much's.  We cuddle and he tells me about his day with grandma.  As we're driving to go pick up daddly, I overhear Sam in the back seat, "mommy go to the hopital & daddly go to the hopital. Sammy got my own hopital.  And I make people better and they feel so happy."

And suddenly, with that simple reminder, its all okay.  because if that's the understanding our two year old has of what we do while we're away, I guess we must be doing something right.


  1. My sister is doing her last semester of clinicals at BYU. Those 12 hour shifts seem brutal because her's always turn into 14 hour or 15. She loves being a nurse though. That is awesome that you and your hubs both work in hospitals too!

  2. wow, that's so sweet, and what a good message to take away :) I admire hard-working parents, as I'm sure I'll be one once I cross that bridge...It can't be easy!

  3. Your entire outfit is great and you are very pretty!

  4. I love your style and that scarf is fabulous! What a cute blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following!

  5. first off, you look great.

    second off, you are doing an amazing job...i can't imagine (as i don't have little ones of my own yet).

    just wait till one day he's a little older and he starts telling his friends that you cut people's arms off and stuff. haha.

  6. Awwww it's definitely hard! Love your style


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