Wednesday, January 25, 2012


top: Tinley Road via Piperlime, sweater: Target, jeans: Kohls, shoes: DSW
You may not have noticed {har har} but I think it would be safe to say that at least 1/3rd of my closet was purchased at Target.  Part of this is due to having lived in a small town with limited shopping for the last four years and the other part is simply due to the fact that I love Tar-jay.  Seriously, what is there not to love? One stop shopping, pretty decent selection, plus affordable prices.  And then, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I discovered these beauties.

I thought that with moving closer to so much great shopping my Target trips would begin to wane, but au contraire, Target continues to hold a special place in my heart...  I ran into Target a few days ago to buy some face wash and seriously, the whole store was on clearance.  And what did I happen upon but a pair of booties for $8.98 that I had been eyeing back in the fall {full price $30}.  holla!  Targs always comes through.
*disclaimer: Target is unaware of my existence.  Just professing my love here, peeps.


  1. i love Target too! best one stop shop

    and gorgeous outfit too ... and what a deal! you practically stole them ;)

  2. Omg! You're not alone! Most of my closet is from Target too!!! Target is amazing!

  3. You got the shoes!!!! :) -Kristi

  4. Wait... those booties were only $9? No way!

    Dani //

  5. Oh, nope, those aren't the $9 booties. I haven't even gotten to wear my $9 booties yet thanks to this blasted 30 for 30! :)


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