Monday, January 30, 2012

the thing about nicknames

jeans: Gap, shirt: Old Navy, sweater: Converse for Target, shoes: DSW
So, we're a nickname kinda family.  Not on purpose, it's just that names start evolving and before we know it, someone's been renamed and usually we have no idea how we actually arrived at the final product. Some people are good at nicknames, for example my brother-in-law calls his wife "hummingbird".  So cute.  Jon calls me "tino bear".  Not as cute, but definitely cuter than my nickname for him.  Are you ready for it?  "Big Juan".  I call him Big Juan and I don't know how or why.  I think maybe it started with calling him "Juan" instead of Jon, but I don't know where the "big" part came from.  Regardless, it stuck.  And it stuck so hard that not only do I call him that, but my little sisters do as well, and now another little somebody is jumping on the bandwagon.  Sam.  oh boy.  So we're working to put a kibosh on that one.

But secretly, I love hearing his little voice yell out "big juuaaannn!" at the top of his lungs while he's trying to hunt down his best buddy for a little wrestling/sword fighting/fort building.

{Sam informed me that he and his truck needed in on the photo shoot action today too.}


  1. LOL!! i love it. big juan.

  2. haha!! My 2 year old calls me "honey" whenever my hubby does, drives me nuts but its a little cute too :) great blog, now following!

  3. haha. hilarious. big juan... my hubby and i used to call each other bunny... so ugly.. somehow it went from honey to honey bunny to bunny... and one time it was just "bun." since that moment we have subsided with the "bunny" nicknames..


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