Wednesday, January 18, 2012

tiny monsters

turtleneck: Target, faux fur stole: H&M, jeans: Gap, shoes: doesn't matter, you can't see 'em anyway!

I was putting Sam to bed the other night and he said, "Mommy, I'm scared of the monsters." 
"There's no monsters here," I tell him.   
"There's a tiny monster." 
"Well, how do you think you could scare the tiny monster away?"
He looks puzzled.
"RAAWWWRR!", I say.
Sam giggles and lets out a tiny "rawrr!". 
"The monster run back to his mommy! And he say, 'Hi Mommy!  Sammy growled at me!"
And then he fell asleep holding my hand.
I love this motherhood business.


  1. That is too cute! I've heard of mom's having monster away spray, but it sounds like your son has the growl down! =)

  2. so cute! just love that! little boys are the best!

    love the fur neck thing ... not sure what it is called ... :/

  3. Thank you for stopping by my place! :) I love these jeans, and how sweet that he fell asleep holding your hand! Those are the moments that make the temper tantrums worth it. :)

  4. Pure elegance!
    You look so wonderful!

  5. I LOVE your jeans so much, they fit you wonderfully. :)

  6. NAwwww lil doggie, I haven't seen one of them around for years (maybe Australians like to hide them away!)

    What an interesting outfit, again have not seen somebody wear jeans like those in a while. Wish I had the figure to pull them off they look comfy as!

    I lust for the day H&M ship to Australia. Then I'll be a happy shopper!


  7. that is so sweet! great outfit too. i love it


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