Friday, February 17, 2012

from the mouths of babes

  • "I'm a cowboy!  Look mommy!" {while wearing a pink, sparkly mardi gras hat}
  • "Thanks Nick! Thanks Maryann!  Happy happy birthday!" {admiring their save-the-date.  obviously not quite getting the whole 'wedding' part yet}
  • " 'scuse me lady.  Where the juice one?" {to the fried mozzarella stick taster lady at Costco.  He was adamant they must have juice tasters somewhere}  
  • "You don't call me honey, mommy.  I a kid!  I not a honey." {oh. well excuuuse me}
  • "a catapickle?" {when I told him he looked like a caterpillar}


  1. Kids say the cutest things!
    Your little boy is darling!

  2. Andrew and I laughed for a while reading these. Love it! And... his photos are adorable of course. Definitely captured Sam's personality!

  3. He is so so cute! He says the best things!


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