Monday, February 13, 2012


scarf: vintage, sweater: Target, shirt: Ross, jeans: Kohls, shoes: Madden girl

I finally got my hands on The Notebook from the library {yay!} but we were so busy last week that we didn't get a chance to watch it.  No big deal, I'll just renew it.  Oh wait, some jerkler put a hold on it and now I can't.  So insensitive of them.  Don't they know it's Valentine's day in like 1 day?  You'd think they have V-day plans of their own or something.  Sheesh.

Truth be told, Jon and I don't have Valentine's day plans anyway.  We'll both be gone doing our respective school things.  But that's one of the {many} nice things about being married, V-day isn't as important anymore.  You don't worry about who your Valentine will be or spending the {overly commercialized} holiday alone.  Not that I don't use it as an excellent excuse to eat an exorbitant amount of reese's cups.

p.s. The very first V-day present Jon ever gave me was a red Valentine's Pez dispenser with a pink heart on top that says "I love you".  I still have it.

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  1. love the outfit.

    am i the only one who still loves V day? hehe, even when i'm married :)

    and i own The Notebook and have watched it about 1000 times. i love that movie, one of my favorites!


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