Thursday, February 9, 2012

a way with words

sweater: Converse for Target, dress: Ross, tights: Kohls, shoes: DSW
Welp, the rain is back but we had a good five day run of sunshine, and any sunshine in winter here is considered an unexpected freebie.  It's kinda like when you go into Starbucks for a coffee and end up walking out with a free caramel macchiato {true story}.  Totally unexpected and totally awesome.  You just gotta enjoy it while it lasts.  Did I ever mention how good I am at analogies?  Because obviously I am.  Sorry guys, don't feel bad, some people just have a way with words...


  1. a free caramel macchiato is the perfect beginning to the day :)

    love the outfit .. really digging your shoes!

  2. I agree with Faith-Love your shoes!
    And freebies make me a happy girl!

  3. I love your outfit - and you are absolutely beautiful! yeah for free starbucks!

  4. Great outfit, as always! And, I like your analogy. Who doesn't like a free Sbucks Coffee?? Just like free sunshine in the NW...

  5. Found your site through Operation Beautiful. New follower. Look forward to reading your blog :)


  6. Ok those tights are amazing! And I'm finally back in the States so I'm going to Ross tmrw to get them! :D


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