Saturday, March 10, 2012

the bad truth

Whenever I tell Sam something that he doesn't like to hear he furrows his little brow and says, "you told me the bad truth".  Well, yesterday, the tables were turned and Sam told me 'the bad truth'.  I was leaving his room after putting him to bed and he asked me where I was going.  I explained that I was going downstairs to clean up the kitchen.

He said, "who's all comin' over?".
Jon chuckled.

ummm...  why does my child think I only clean the house when people are coming over?  and why does my husband find that to be so humorous?  Good questions, Christine.  So I thought about it {which didn't take too long} and this is what I came up with:  I don't like to clean.  While I tidy things up on a daily basis, I am not a good deep cleaner.  I get behind on all the floor scrubbing, laundry doing, cabinet wiping and toilet cleaning.  And the only time the house gets a really thorough clean sweep is when guests come over.

So, in light of Sam's 'bad truth' I have been motivated to try something a little different around here.
a cleaning schedule.  Bam. I said it.

I came across this one online and thought it sounded totally doable:

I guess even mamas need a little dose of 'the bad truth' every once in awhile.  Or a swift kick in the pants.


  1. Aren't kids so innocent ;) That is too cute.

    That looks like a very good cleaning calender! I wish you luck!

  2. i'm not great at it either. one thing my Bf and i started though was, an afterwork 10 minute cleanup. So when we get home we have to empty out our lunch bags, fill the dishwasher, and put any laundry or clothes away. Other than that, whoever has the next day off has to get us caught up on laundry and kitchen/bathroom cleaning. it's definitely been helping.

  3. I hear ya girl!! I am the exact same way. I keep the house tidy and looking nice, but deep cleaning is so not my thing. Especially toilets...I can't do em. So thanks for sharing this chart, and motivating me to try it out! I can use all the help I can get. :)

  4. That still seems like a TON of cleaning... but maybe I will try it too. My house will be grateful and my weekends more free!

    Dani //

    1. haha, yes it does. and truth be told I probably won't vacuum or spot clean my floors daily... once a week will be good enough for me :)

  5. That made me giggle! "who's coming over"! I TOTALLY need to start a cleaning routine, but I just can't seem to get into it. We clean everything on the weekends, but by the end of the following week, our floors are so dirty it's just disgusting...sigh


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