Thursday, April 5, 2012

million dollar conversation

 shirt: H&M, jacket: thrifted, maxi dress: TJ Maxx, shoes: JC Penney

With the mega-millions lottery being all over the news last week, Jon & I decided that we wanted in on all of the hullabaloo too and bought our first lotto ticket.  Big news: we didn't win.  But the conversations it sparked were well worth the buck.

We half-jokingly talked & daydreamed about what we would do "when" we won and how our lives would change.  Besides the obvious things like paying off our student loans {which rival the national debt}, and finally buying myself that new pair of running shoes I've been needing for the last four months, we couldn't think of many ways we would want our lives to change.  Would Jon want to continue in medical school?  Yeah.  Would I still apply for nursing jobs when I graduate?  Yep, {I've worked hard for this degree!  Plus, Jon's and my *big dream* is to do medical mission work someday, so I gotta keep up on my skillz} although probably minimal hours so that I could spend most of my time at home with Mr. Sam-a-ram.

And that made us happy; to know that we love what we're doing enough that we would continue doing it even if we didn't need to.

Then we got to talking about how having a ridonculous amount of money like that would improve our lives.  And we came to the conclusion that it wouldn't.  Sure, we'd never have to worry about making ends meet ever again, but I don't think it would make us happier or better people.   Everyone knows that money can't buy happiness, but at the same time I feel that most of us, at one point or another, forget that fact.

We don't have much, but we're happy.  And adding in designer clothes & handbags, a big house, fancy cars & expensive vacations, wouldn't actually make us any happier.
Better dressed? duh.
But happier? no. 

So thank you mega-millions for the simple reminder that the things that truly make life beautiful & meaningful and bring the most joy, don't cost a dime.


  1. That is so sweet that you two came to the conclusion that winning the lottery wouldn't make things better. It's great to hear a couple so happy that LOVE what they do and where they are!

  2. I asked my husband what he would do if we won and he said "go out to dinner." hahahhaa it's a wonderful thing to have everything you wanted without all the money. Love this post!

  3. Oh but wouldn't it have been nice to never worry about bills again. LOL. I agree, it's a nice reminder of our many blessings! Thanks.

  4. We totally had this conversation too!

    And it is awesome that you both would continue in your fields!

  5. Such a sweet conversation! Although, I'm not gonna lie...traveling around the world with the mega millions is pretty darn tempting!
    ♥ Kyna

  6. You have got a great blog!!! your pictures are fabulous! I absolutely adore everything about this outfit!!! The red skirt totally rocks! Following now :)

  7. YES. YES. YES. This outfit is EVERYTHING! What a great post! :)

  8. I love this post! Maybe we can all team up together for medical missions someday! Dream team!

  9. true...but sadly I would love to quit my job. Sadly I am not doing my dream job or even on the path to my dream job. I would love to own a yarn/art/coffee shop and to work less than 40 hours and spend more time with my little girl. That would cost money to get I don't anticipate having for a while but life overall is great. Like I posted on my blog, I would love to buy a house, pay off student loans, and get a new minivan but those things don't define my happiness. They would make things easier but easy isn't always best. Spending quality time with my girl, my pups, my hubby and family make me happy. :) Thanks for another great post! Love your blog!


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