Saturday, May 26, 2012

goodmorning from portland

To give you a little background, we saw this man driving around downtown Portland.  No parade.  Just normal, everyday traffic, waiting at a stoplight behind a white Honda Civic.

There are probably a few questions running through your mind right now.  Like, what the heck is coming out of that left tail light?  Where is one able to find such large quantities of bronze paint?  So.... you like monkeys?  Do you feel that by wearing a clown nose while driving you might be obstructing your visual field and therefore impairing your ability to recognize and quickly respond to unexpected and potentially dangerous situations? 

Or simply, um... why??


  1. See that guy all the time on Hawthorne:P

    1. haha, what a treat! ;) seriously, what is up with him??

  2. Just found your blog...I miss my home, Portland that is. I'll be flying in on the 12th and can't wait to see the weird! Love the photography tips, just picked up a macro lens. Please check me out at

  3. seriously. where is the parade??
    this is awesome.


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