Wednesday, May 23, 2012

tulip fest

 A few weeks ago we took a little drive down to Woodburn with some friends for the tulip festival.

 Clearly Sam holds little regard for the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for proper stroller use. Also, I'm a good mom.

 There were tractors to drive,

 games to play & faces to paint,

and of course, tulips galore.


  1. Oh! How beautiful the tulip field is? This kind of garden also looking nice beside any apartment. Your images are very beautiful.

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  2. So beautiful! We have a similar festival here in grand rapids, but I wasn't able to make it! Sad loved looking at your pictures such a cute little family!

  3. I just love tulip festivals. we had one in our city two weeks ago and unfortunately i wasn't able to attend. there is just something about tons of gorgeous tulips in bright colors!

  4. Amazing pictures Christine! The tulips are so beautiful! And I seriously laughed out loud when I read your comment about the stroller use! ha ha!
    ♥ Kyna

  5. cute!!!

  6. Oh i have always wanted to go to the Tulip fest, my mom did it a few years ago and so enjoyed it, just beautiful. I love the pictures you captured!

  7. Tulips are soo pretty :)

  8. so very cool. love the john deere picture. my family is obsessed with those green tractors. ;) coming over from Kyna's blog. you come highly recommended. :)


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