Thursday, June 7, 2012


So, one of Jon's fave hobbies is seeing what he can fit into his mouth.  Why?  Because he's a male.
Anyway, the other night Jon had the urge to show Sam that he could fit Sam's whole fist into his mouth--probably with the expectation of  awe and amazement on the part of Sam {an induction into a hobby of manhood, if you will}.  Instead, Sam's look of excited anticipation quickly turned to horror.

"It's not an apple or a pear! It's just my hand.  An' I need it ta build stuff!"

He then ran over to his legos and proceeded to begin building.  "I'm the coolest kid at building."

They are quite the pair, those two.


  1. I love this story. I can just picture his sweet little face genuinely scared that Jon was actually going to bite off his hand... I also love that he had to go demonstrate his hand skills right after almost losing them. So cute.

  2. Ahaha! Adorable :) And that's one monstrously large bite, way man-status!

  3. Oh! the oh so familiar matter-of-fact-ness of a little man:P

  4. really lovely blog <3


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