Tuesday, July 3, 2012

bachelorette par-tay

 This weekend, I got to help celebrate the end of my good friend's bachelorette-hood before her wedding in just a few weeks!  On the agenda: attend a wine-tasting festival and enjoy a night out downtown with the girls. Unfortunately, I was being a lazy photographer that evening, so these pictures {which I pulled off my phone} are the only ones I have of the festivities.

The last set of pictures crack me up.  So much in fact, that all the laughing gave me a headache.  You see, the bride was teaching us our choreography for a little dance at the reception.  I sat out a round, just so I could snap these spectacular & high quality pics.

  We're still waiting to hear from Julliard about receiving our honorary degrees.

I do however have a confession to make.  There was a stripper.  We hadn't planned on one, but he just decided to surprise us with his naked bum.  You see, the girls swung by my house to pick me up and when the doorbell rang, a three year old who was in the bathtub at the time, decided he NEEDED to see who was there.  So he came clamoring out of the tub and running down the stairs.  I managed to throw his dolphin towel around him, but I guess it's difficult to say hi to your friends while wrapped in a dolphin towel, because once he got downstairs, he made the executive decision to lose the towel and say 'hello' in the buff.  You're welcome ladies.

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