Monday, July 9, 2012

only a mother...

top & pants: Ross, shoes: Franco Sarto, purse: Vera Wang for Kohls, necklace: vintage, sunglasses: Michael Kors

  • would have the opportunity to wipe a poopy little bum that was being presented via downward dog while being serenaded with 'Kung Fu Fighting' by the owner of said bum.
  • would be okay with someone using her boob, bum, face, belly button, etc. as a "pillow"
  • would take delight in the response of "I know that" after telling her little guy how much she loves him
  • {or grandma--because they're really just the ultimate mom} would respond "Cool!" mid-bite while being told be a three year old how he knows that the pizza you're eating will turn into poop and that pop your drinking, well that will turn into pee.
  • could truly appreciate the talent in the off-key, monotone, more-like-yelling-than-actual-singing, three year old version of Adele's 'Set Fire to the Rain'.  "It's my favorite song," he says.
  • understands that "They hate me" in reference to his new flipflops actually means, "dear sweet mother, these fine shoes you have purchased me are quite aesthetically pleasing, but my little feet find them to be uncomfortable."
  • can comprehend the absolute, all encompassing, heart-melting-all-the way-down-to-my-toes, kinda love when tiny arms wrap around her neck.
  • should know better than to wear white pants around her dirt digging, raspberry eating,  leg hugging, little boy.


  1. i love love the "they hate me" reference. made me smile ridiculous amounts because my nieces used to say that!

  2. Cute! And yes, I have too many white clothes that have think I would learn:P

  3. Ah, I love this hon!
    ♥ Kyna

  4. Love this! And your outfit.

    Can't wait to one day know this :)

  5. Awe such a cute post. And your outfit is wonderful! I love the nautical vibe!

  6. This is so sweet. You are brave wearing white pants! So impressed with Sam's comment about pizza and pop turning into poop and pee. Ha, definitely a child of a nurse and soon-to-be doc! Also- Andrew allllwwaayyss uses the phrase, "they hate me" referring to things that make him not feel good. Hehe, so fun! You're such a great mama.

  7. I love your blog and just started following! Check out mine!!


  8. Aww this is so cute! I'm not a mom but a lot of this can apply to my dogs - especially the white pants one! :) I LOVE your top knot by the way!

  9. So pretty!

  10. I love this post...I can relate to um...a lot of this! I also adore this outfit! Simple and chic...perfect!


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