Thursday, July 5, 2012

recycled glass hanging flower pots

So I have this slight obsession with glass jars.  Spaghetti sauce jars, baby food jars, peanut butter jars, doesn't make a difference to me.  I've been hoarding them for a while now & they even have their very own shelf in our kitchen {which Jon tolerates because he loves me} where they are patiently waiting for me to discover each one's special purpose.  Anyway, as we were planting our garden a few weeks ago, it hit me.  "I know my Ragu jars' special purpose".

I told Jon, and he was all, "you can't drill holes in glass".  and I was all, "why not?".
So we tried and it failed.
Then I hit up google.  And guess what?  You can drill holes in glass, you just need the right drill bit. a diamond drill bit {not as expensive as it sounds}.

A week later our drill bits arrived and I recruited Jon to drill the holes for me, but if you are Rosie the Riveter, you can just go ahead and drill them yourself.

I then headed outside and began planting.

They turned out just as I had pictured!  And I love that the dirt and roots are exposed--gives it a rustic charm.

And Sam, the worm hunter, approves too.
5 steps to DIY recycled glass hanging flower pots:
  • Step 1) Clean your jars.  Peel off the label, stick the jar in the dishwasher, and then use Goo-Gone to clean off the leftover label residue.
  • Step 2) Drill a single hole in the middle of the base so water can drain.  With the diamond bits, you need to keep the glass and the bit wet while drilling--Jon did this by submerging the jar in a bucket of water.
  • Step 3) Fill the glass halfway full with potting soil, place your plants in, fill the rest of the way with potting soil.
  • Step 4) Grab some thin wire {or rope}, cut to the desired length.  Take one end and tie it around the neck of the jar, making sure it is tight against the glass.  Take the other end, squeeze it between the glass and the wire that is already tied around the neck of the jar.  Push it through about one inch, then using pliers, bend the wire upward, creating a "U" shape.  Then twist the remaining portion of the 1 inch segment in order to secure it in place.
  • Step 5) Hang and enjoy!


  1. adorable! maybe my yard needs some...

  2. Turned out so cute! Jon mentioned these famous drill bits a while ago- I'm so happy to see the finished product! Gorgeous! I also love that you got the whole fam involved in the DIY. Fun!

  3. Oh my goodness these are so adorable, and look pretty easy! Great idea :)

  4. Oh this is a great idea! I am totally looking for something to spruce up our backyard! I might have to try this!
    ♥ Kyna

  5. I love this! It looks so cute and good as well! Thank you for stopping by my blog and paying it a visit! I love your blog by the way as well!

  6. these are so super cool, I LOVE this idea!!!

  7. Oh this is a great idea! I am totally looking for something to spruce up our backyard! I might have to try this!
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