Wednesday, September 19, 2012

birds & the best advice you'll ever hear

We went to check out the swifts as they make their annual migration through Portland again this year, and watched as they decsended like backward smoke into the chimney of Chapman Elementary School.  Apparently, back in the day when these birds first decided to roost there, that chimney was still the main source of heat for the school.  The school officials knew that if they lit the furnace, the birds would be forced to move on, but if they let the birds stay, the kids would all be shivering in their seats.  Well, they just couldn't make up their minds, so they left the decision up to the kids.  And I bet you can guess what the kids chose--they concluded it'd be better to wear their coats in the classroom for a few weeks than to  force the birds to leave.  Don't you just I love kids?  Anyway, within a couple of years the Audubon Society got involved and built the school another chimney that they could actually use for the purpose it was created...yada yada yada... and here we are today.  And out of the sea of chimneys in Portland, the birds continue to come to this one.  It's a pretty amazing sight to take in.

Also, a friend of mine posted a link to this article on good ol' FB.  Jon and I had a good chuckle and then agreed in all seriousness that this may just be the best parenting advice we've ever heard.  Someone give this woman the Nobel Peace Prize for imparting such wisdom into the world.  One of my fave bits of advice:

'You can't win at parenting or homemaking. If you think you're winning then everyone else thinks you're a dick."

Hahahaha!  But seriously, so true.  Don't we all know someone who thinks they're the only one who knows how to do it right?  Although, if I'm being totally honest, I think I probably love this one because there is not one shred of doubt in my mind that I am losing/lost/there-is-no-hope-for-me in the homemaking department.  Whatevs, such is life.


  1. I love watching the swifts fly into the chimney every September! Isn't is amazing how many people come out, fill the lawn, drink wine & picnic, and watch them?

  2. That is so neat about the birds! Such a gorgeous photo.
    I love that quote, especially the "If you think you're winning then everyone else thinks you're a dick." It's so true!!


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