Friday, September 7, 2012

only a mother...

shirt: Target, pants: Ross, shoes: JC Penney,  tired face: c/o long day of sitting through talks of benefits, disaster preparedness plans, & the thrilling history of your health care system

  • ...would have to figure out an appropriate response to a 6 year old girl decked in 'Tangled' jammies, with a giant gap-toothed grin, who is in the process of moving in two doors down from you, when she introduces herself/greets/compliments you by saying "I like your son" in the same tone you'd expect to hear someone say, "I like your puppy" or "I like your sweater".
  • ...gets to experience the pure pride & joy horror of watching her offspring pick his nose and smear his booger across her friend's parents' lovely living room rug.  in front of every. body.
  • ...gets to watch as her little boy dances while her sister plays the piano, spinning in circles, faster and faster, until he falls down.  Then exclaims, "Look mommy!  Look at what happens when I spin really fast... look, the house is moving!".
  • ...would allow her child to continue believing that his spinning makes the whole house move, because she doesn't yet want to squash that enthusiasm and wonder he has for the world.
  • ....would, however, be the same mother who unwittingly makes her son cry by informing him that all the dinosaurs are dead.
  • ... would die a thousand happy deaths at the sound of her little one's voice proclaiming, "I love you forever!" while being smothered in tiny ridiculously-puckered-sloppy-lip kisses.
  • ...would honest to goodness belly laugh when a little someone very much intentionally toots on her.


  1. Great post! What a wonderful thing to be a Mother!


  2. This are funny memorable thoughts. You are very lucky to have 2 children.
    It was very pleasant to read this post. I'm sure I will be writing a similar one in a couple of years.

  3. great post i love the outfit too

  4. I love these posts hon!! And as look great!!
    ♥ Kyna

  5. Your outfit is perfect!!!
    Being a mama to a little boy is indeed an adventure, but such an amazing one! Loved each one of these, so cute!! xoxo


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