Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the imposter

shirt: Target, scarf: gift, pants: Ross, shoes: Franco Sarto

You know how back in third grade when you thought you had to like all the exact same things as your bff? And even if you didn't really like something you'd pretend you did just because your bff did?  While I've outgrown that phase in many ways, there is one area I still get sucked back into.  But this time it's not just my bff, it's EVERYBODY.
I swear, everybody loves college football. 
Except me.
In fact, I'm pretty confident I've never even watched a single college football game in its entirety {this however does not keep me from attending game day get-togethers.  If there's seven layer dip there, so am I--so keep the invites comin'}.  Anyway... for some reason, when everyone is walking around in their game-day attire, I find myself feeling the need to revert back to my former third grade self and pretend to care.  So, I'll say things like "You watching the game this weekend?" and smile.  {I learned early on not to ask if they were attending the game, because lord knows I have no stinkin' idea if it's at home or away--FYI the recipients of this question were not intending to fly to Utah for the game.}   Anyway, I was talking with a patient the other day, a young man in his early 20's, and he was telling me about how school was starting again soon, so of course we start talking about which university he goes to and all the usual.  So then, being all football saavy, I coolly ask him "So you like the Beavs?" {because abbreviations=real fans}.  Good one, right?  I'm on a roll.

He responds "Yeah, I guess you could say that... I'm kinda on the team..."
Exposed as the imposter that I am.


  1. Ha! I love football, especially college football, but I could not tell you one thing specific about any team. So while I may enjoy watching football, you aren't alone in your lack of knowledge about the game. :)
    I hope the new job is going well for you!

  2. I love how simple this outfit is!

  3. I LOVE your blog... so personal and well written. I was hoping that you would hop on over to my blog, check it out, and follow me if you like it! That'd be AMAZING!!


  4. I went to a tiny, private college in Canada. So I have no allegiance to any state colleges and could care less about college sports (or professional sports). I feel like an oddball but... that's pretty typical for me. Marching to the beat of my own drumm..... :) Great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  5. Football is always a great subjects among groups of people who know each other... and not only. That is why I find my self too, watching football stuff just to keep in touch with the latest news... so in case the others talk about it I have also something to say... this happens also when it comes to politics.


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