Friday, September 14, 2012

the year I no longer get to pick

 Well.... that's it.  No more cuddly, fuzzy, cutesy-wootsy, animal Halloween costumes for us.  We came across this costume at Ross and it was love at first sight.  Sam hearts anything Optimus Prime & mama hearts anything less than $10.  It was destiny.  Of course he had to try it on the second we walked through our front door.  "Fwom now on, I'm the good guy wobot".

But who knew Optimus would have such difficulty when it comes to eating his breakfast cereal?


  1. hahahahhaaaaaaa i love this. sam is such a hilarious little man.

  2. that's hilarious! i'm trying to think hard on what to dress V up as this year, knowing it could be the last I have any control over!

  3. Love this! What a great find! I wouldn't be surprised if he wears it every day until Halloween.


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