Friday, October 5, 2012

only a mother...

  • ....would get to experience that awkward moment when the barister {seriously, what IS a male barista called??} who was busy making her coffee turns around to look at her like, "ummm... what did that lady just call me?" after she just finished saying "What sweetie?" to the little man in her back seat.
  • ...would understand that "You look like Kung Fu Panda" & "Your teeth look white like a skeleton man" are both intended as only the highest of compliments.
  • ...would get to hear the suggestion that we start referring to Grandma's house as "our vacation home".  Because we are fancy like that.
  • ... would be laying by the fire, stealing a brief moment of quiet time with her husband, only to be interrupted by a little voice bellowing from the bathroom as it proclaims "MOMMY! I POOOOOPED!  COME WIPE MY BUUUUTT!"
  • ...would get to enjoy eavesdropping on conversations between daddy and two-bit such as, "Did you just wipe a booger on me?! That's really not nice.  No wiping boogers on people."  Oh the teaching moments of life...


  1. I can't wait to have a little one to experience all that!

  2. I can't wait either! I love your family and all of the sweet moments. I also love this pic. So precious!

  3. This is wonderful, love the vacation home idea ;)

  4. I love this post :D

  5. cute cute cute! and I was a barista for 6 years so I can relate to what you're saying, and i'm a mommy!


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