Monday, October 22, 2012

only a mother...

 skirt: Ross, sweater & shoes: target, shirt: Forever 21, belt: thrifted

  • ...would understand that the most important choice you will make all day is which pair of superhero undies  you put on.
  • ...would get to hear about how in her little man's humble opinion, his Optimus Prime mask "is the cutest helmuk I ever seen".
  • ...would only have to follow the sound of "Mommy!  Come out, come out wherever you are!  We're the good guys now!" from halfway across the store to find her family.
  • ... would have the pleasure of being referred to as "big mama" {please excuse me while I go eat only green beans for the rest of my life}
  • ... would also have the pleasure of being called "mommily-saurus", "Optimus mudder" {aka Optimus' mother} & "Fluffles"
  •  ...would realize her son has been watching too much 'Dancing with the Stars' with Grandma when he tries to dip her {which is really more like pushing her over} while saying, "This is what big men do"


  1. Haha! Literally laughed out loud at this post. Big mamma... So far from the truth. I love that he tried to dip you. Seriously gonna be such a charmer when he grows up. You look gorgeous by the way(as always). Love the outfit- especially the pencil skirt.

  2. Hahaha omg!! So funny!! Especially the last one!! What big men do! Hilarious!!

  3. Ha ha! Love it! The last one is my favorite!

  4. hahaha your kid is HILARIOUS! What a fun childhood you are allowing him to have! Love it, big mama ;) (which by the way, you are NOT! Love that outfit, especially the skirt!!) xoxo

  5. Your son is so adorable! Being a mom definitely has its perks (: Love your outfit!


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