Sunday, November 11, 2012

hold on to me as we go

One afternoon, I had a grumpy & sad little boy on my hands.  I pulled him onto my lap just as this song came on the radio.  We rocked together and I sang to him, just like we used to when he was just my tiny, toothless, bright eyed baby.  As the song ended, he threw his little arms around my neck, and gave me the biggest squeezy hug that could have gone on for eternity as far as I was concerned.  When he was done, he hopped off my lap with a smile on his face and happily returned to his "study work" {which frequently consists of coloring, reading books, and playing super-heros}.

And now, each time this song comes on, he calls out, "Sing it mommy!  Sing it to me!".
Melts my little ol' mama heart every time.

p.s. Jon thought I should explain how his toe got pierced in the previous post.  He stepped on a piece of wire that was inadvertantly left on the floor a few days prior from a project he was working on.  It's actually quite impressive it went all the way through....


  1. Your son sounds like such a treasure!! Love how these little boys of ours know how to get to mama's heart. (and I love his study work, how cute!!)

  2. I love this song! And this seriously melts my heart... Can't wait to someday be a mom ;)


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