Monday, November 5, 2012

oh hello November

jacket: thrifted, scarf & shirt: Target, jeans: Nordstrom Rack, booties: Ross

November, why, I didn't even notice you come in.
Day light savings, whyyyy do you exist?
Halloween candies, where did you disappear to so quickly??
Rain, howdy.  We've been expecting you.
Fireplace, you + marshmallows + me= BFs 4 EVR.
Christmas, are you as excited as I am???
Thanksgiving, do you ever feel overshadowed by your bigger, redder, greener & jollier brother?
Pumpkin pie in my fridge, I love you.
Scarves, my friends, I've missed you.
Boots, ditto.


  1. Ohmygoodness... I love everything about this. Great jacket by the way!

    Best post ever!!
    You are THE CUTEST person in the world. x1000.
    We're seeing nothing but rain here too. It's hard to get used to it!
    Love that you roast marshmallows in your fireplace. You rock.
    That outfit is to die for....i want your boots!
    Ok, now i need to go to bed.
    G'night, friend!

  3. Love that purple scarf! So cute!

  4. literally going to Ross right now to find those damn boots. so cuteeeee i die!

  5. look how adorable you are!

    I made pumpkin pie today for my hubby for his Birthday:)
    I hope November is gentler on me, Oct. was a rough one...


  6. Love the scarf & those gorgeous earrings- you look beautiful! I am your newest follower :D


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