Friday, November 23, 2012

the navigator

hat: aeropostale for $2.75!!!, sweater: Burlington, pants: Ross, shoes: DSW

Recently I met up with some friends for breakfast {can you say the Waffle Window?? Heaven on a waffle, let me tell ya}.  Anyway, my friend texted me the time and place and I was all "I got this".  Now, I know that I am not the best at navigating to new places, I almost always make one wrong turn at the very least, but I plugged the address into my GPS and miraculously made it all the way across the river to SE Portland without one. single. wrong. turn.  I am feeling pretty awesome right about now.  I parallel park my car without a hitch and am at the restaurant right on time {punctuality, also not my best trait}. So proud of myself.  Then I'm waiting and waiting... no friends.  After a couple texts, phone calls and being offered a seat with two women who look like they could easily beat me up and take my lunch money, I found out that I had so proudly arrived on time to the wrong restaurant.  dang.  Defeated, I made my way back to my perfectly parallel parked car and found my way to the correct restaurant. Only a half hour late.  sorry friends...

I then had to leave breakfast about 45 minutes after my arrival to make it to my hair appointment.  Again, I put the address into the GPS and was scheduled to arrive a few minutes early.  I arrive at the destination--not the hair salon. Not even close.  askdasdfhadsk.  I finally make it to my appt 15 minutes late.  sorry hair dresser...

With a record such as this, I think it'd be safe to say that I am not the best at following driving directions.  GPS's are handy-ish, but somehow they always fail me.  Jon says it's user error {pshh..}.  But if I had to pick the all time worst wrong turn story it'd be the one from our Christmas road trip last year.  We were heading back from visiting Jon's family in Nebraska and it was getting close to midnight.  Jon & Sam were both sleeping and I was just cruisin' down the interstate, singing along to the radio, feeling so proud that I was rockin' the road trip driving all by myself.  About an hour later I began to hear references to Denver on the radio.  Crazy that I was getting Denver stations because I was pretty sure our route didn't take us anywhere near Denver.  Or at least it wasn't supposed too.  Turns out there may have been a minor wrong turn involved... with approximately an hour long detour into the wrong state.   sorry Jon...

The GPS clearly has a problem...


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! Yey on the parallel parking. I've had my fair share of user error' :)

  2. I couldn't help but laugh :) I have luck just like that! No matter how early I leave to finally be on time for something there is always a hitch. Most of the time I get half way there and realize I forgot something and have to turn around.
    I would love if you checked out my giveaway!

  3. That sucks! I have the worst sense of direction too. Even GPS sometimes still confuses me.

  4. lovely post! following you back.

  5. Hey, but I bet you looked really cute doing all this, because you seriously always dress so cute!!! Lol!!

    ♥ Kyna

  6. Thanks for stopping by! I love your shoes and your hat.

    I am your newest follower!


  7. Haha, cracking up. So sorry you were late for your hair apt! Bummer. You thought you were doing so well too :/ I'm notorious for getting lost as well, but the hours I've spent driving all over the place (due to getting lost) have given me good practice. Whenever I move to a new city now, I spend a few weeks going out on random drives just to get lost and discover new things and then find my way back again. Good times...

    At least you look adorable! Such a great outfit.

  8. Talk about a whirlwind morning... but on the bright side... your hat is adorable!

    Dani //

  9. Boo, GPS. I never use mine anymore, just the maps feature on my phone, haha! Love those shooties!!!!, and hat!

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