Saturday, December 1, 2012

old school

I was in my little sister's room the other day and noticed a boombox sitting on her dresser.
A large grey and silver boombox with the remnants of a shiny star sticker on the top.
It was my old boombox, a middle school Christmas dream come true.

So, of course as any good big sister would do, I told her of the good ol' days before mp3 players & ipods with docking stations, and reveled in the glory days of CDs & cassette tapes.  She nodded along politely until something I said seemed to peak her interest.  "You can record songs right off the radio onto a tape??".  Suddenly, I was cooler than Twilight and Harry Potter combined.  After a brief discussion on whether or not you can even buy cassette tapes anymore, she managed to dig up some of my old homemade mixed tapes, filled to the brim with the Goo Goo Dolls, Savage Garden, Britney Spears, and the like, I'm sure.   We then pumped up the jams, as the cool kids would say {because I'm still cool, right??}, and had a little dance party with the old school boombox as she made her very own mixed tape straight off the radio.  Just passin' on the legacy...

Also, we are fantastic dancers.  It runs in our blood.  obviously.


  1. Ahh the glory days of the boom box! I remember being so excited when I got mine!

  2. Hahaha you are fantastically awesome! I definitely remember recording songs from the radio!

  3. Hahaha this is awesome. It was Britney Spears' bday today and I'll admit, I listened to some of her classics to mark the occasion! :)

  4. This is hilarious! I used to make my own mixtapes from the radio too! I'd even record some of my very own made up commercials in there. Ohhhhh, great times!


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