Monday, January 28, 2013

a pinterest mom, I will never be

Pinterest moms.  You know the ones.  The ones that make the ridiculously cute projects all while cooking the most ridiculously delicious meals while wearing the most ridiculously fab outfits with their ridiculously well behaved and perfectly groomed children. Not to mention updating their entire home decor in under 3 hours with a $4 budget, and still managing to find time to teach their 2 year old calculus with nothing but some papier mache and a pipe cleaner. And while I so wish I could say that was me, it very much is not.  I enjoy the results of such lovely things, but the process for me is excruciating.  You see, I am not a planner.

When our little family went on a cross country road trip two summers ago, my idea of planning was to pack a few bags, hop in the car and stop wherever and whenever we darn well pleased.  My husband (very much a planner), was not on board with this "plan".   So as you could guess, we ended up with an actual itinerary--which probably worked out for the better (but don't tell my husband I said so).

Anyway, I'd much rather fly by the seat of my pants, which while more fun {in my humble and correct opinion}, often results in many a forgotten task, ideas that never come to fruition, and a child who, on most days of the week, never even puts on real clothes--unless you count transformer costumes as real clothes, because then YES, we have that one in the bag!

So this got me thinking about other things I've done {and do...} that would cause these lovely little pinterest mamas to cringe.  And here's what I came up with:

1)  Sam's birthday party last year. Entirely lacking in any theme whatsoever and not a single etsy item in sight.  Never will my child have one of those absolutely adorable themed b-day parties with all hand-made-items-that-look-like-they-were-made-by-professionals-to-look-homemade.  However, the Dollar Tree and I are practically BFFs.

2) My little guy has worn Halloween costumes since Halloween. and I let him.  And sometimes I even let him be a "secret Optimus" under his clothes when we go out.

3)  Once upon a time, I tried to decorate the little man's room all cute-like with walls painted the color of "sea salt" and framed picasso animal sketches hanging from silky white ribbons.  Then grandma bought him giant 'Avengers' wall stickers for Christmas.  Obviously, I let him hang them up.  All by himself.  He thinks they look fantastic and rearranges them on a daily basis.

4)  I allow Sam to tell "toot jokes" when it is just the three of us at home.  What is a toot joke, you ask?  Why, it's when rather than saying excuse me after you toot, you proudly proclaim "TOOT JOKE!!!" instead and then laugh hysterically at said "joke".

5)  In a sea of kids at the Portland Children's Museum with cutely painted kitty whiskers, and the ever so trendy swirly mustaches, I let my child paint his own face.  The result: pretty much our very own Joker straight out of 'The Dark Night'.  He proudly paraded around in this paint for the rest of the day.  The next morning when I told him that his nose still looked kinda red from the paint, he responded with "Thank you".

6) And yes, that is a Darth Vadar t-shirt. in public.  {p.s. it even has a cape velcroed to the back}

And there you have it, a short compilation of some of my recent least-pinterest-worthy moments as a mother.
Ya win some & lose some.
Or lose some & lose some.
Or I suppose, judging by the above grin, win some & win some.
Because as it turns out, it's all in the eye of the beholder anyway.


  1. Hahaha, at toot jokes. That dinosaur cake is a whole lot better than I could produce! Nice on!

  2. You're an awesome mom. I love pinterest, but 99% of my projects fail. Nothing about my life looks like a pinterest person in any way. I wear Batman and Transformer shirts myself... haha. Sometimes I find cute ideas that semi work though but mostly I think how on earth do people have time for all that crap

  3. I'm totally not a Pinteresty person either. I'm not crafty and therefore I will probably never have a Pinterest project to work on. We're missing the gene.

  4. I have to say this is my favorite post of yours by FAR! Super honest, witty, and of course, hilarious. Thanks for sharing, friend! -Kristi

  5. Ha ha ha ha, this was an awesome post! The whole first part had me laughing so hard, cause I TOTALLY get what you are saying!!! hee hee!
    ♥ Kyna

  6. i will never be the pinterest mom either ... i'd rather be the awesome, fun mom which it looks like you are ... you win!!!

  7. BEST. MOM. EVER. --- Sam thinks so ;) & that is alllll that matters! But, seriously, you rock!!!


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