Friday, January 11, 2013

from his perspective

  • he is "humongous".  30 lbs of humongous.
  • daddy is "the best daddy in the whole, universe!" {are we really already at the 'universe' phase??}  until he discovers that the best daddy in the whole universe ate his left over half-eaten-cheese-already-pulled-off-and-consumed slice of pizza, then the title is revoked.
  • his mommy is the "beautifulest" {so sad will be the day when he discovers Victoria's Secret catalogs...}
  • he is married to Lucy, the miniature dachshund.
  • other times he's married to mommy.
  • transformers are real.  and they drive around the streets of our cities
  • plans to build his own iron man suit when he "grows bigger and bigger".  he will purchase the necessary supplies from "the metal store".
  • heaven must be at church, because he is sure that is where Jesus lives and Jesus lives in heaven. solid reasoning.
  • he has to "read" daddy's anatomy books so that he can "fix people when they get broken" with his orange plastic tool set


  1. I love the 2nd to last one about Jesus being at church. What a sweet boy! =)

  2. Awe, melted my heart! Such a momma's boy...married to mommy! (well, and Lucy too, ha ha!)
    ♥ Kyna

  3. Hahahaha, about daddy eating his pizza.

    He is adorable!

  4. AWwwwwwww!!! Such a sweet little man. You done good, mama! xo

  5. A child's world is so precious! Hopefully he'll hold onto those sweet little thoughts for as long as possible.

  6. Such a fun account at the world of little Sam. He'll always think his mamma is beautiful! So sweet. I love how much be looks up to you guys.

  7. Aww he is too adorable! I loved reading his perspective :D


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