Saturday, March 9, 2013

oh yes, we fon-did

I know I am a little behind the times here as we are practically a third of the way through March already, but just humor me, please--I am still catching up from my time of no-time-for-fun-things-like-blogging.

Fon-did fondue that is.  Jon and I normally don't do much for Valentine's day, usually just some candy, maybe some flowers or a little present, sometimes nothing at all.  And this year, was no different.  I was working & Jon was at school.  I was just getting off of my 12 hour shift and as I walked by the hospital waiting area, who did a see, but my two best guys!  A Valentine's day surprise.  The smaller one greeted me with an enthusiastic "Happy Valentine's Day!!" as he shoved a Thor valentine at me with "Valentine, you are heroic" printed on the front.  The bigger one just smiled.  Anyway, long story short, they took me out to a Valentine's dinner.  Sam chose the venue: Costco food court.  Perfect setting for a tired, dirty, scrubs wearin' lady.

Little did Jon know that I already had a little surprise up my sleeve for later that weekend too.  Considering anything involving melted cheese is Jon's favorite food, I can't believe I hadn't thought of it before, but fondue was officially on the menu.  Unfortunately, due to my lack of planning ahead skills, Jon ended up coming to the grocery store with me to pick up the ingredients {why am I so awesome at life??}.  We came home, cracked a bottle of wine and prepared our delish fondue meal together.

But before you start getting all mushy thinking this was a romantic dinner, you should know that there was a third dinner party guest present under the age of four.  And he talked about what robots do and don't eat, tried to eat his blueberries directly from table to mouth, and told me that he hopes I turn into a daddy this year--I told him that I don't think our insurance covers that.

Here's the cheese fondue recipe we used {except I didn't add the butter}
and here's the chocolate fondue recipe.  I highly recommend both!


  1. hahaha!! See? THIS is why i have missed you! You and your sweet family are the best! (and I share your awesome at life skills, oh boy do I ever!) That cheese fondue is such a great idea! What do you dip in it?

    1. aww thanks :)
      For the cheese dip we had shrimp, steak slices, tomatoes, mushrooms, and pretzel rolls. And for the chocolate fondue we dipped blueberries, bananas and pound cake. So good!! :)

  2. sounds delicious! I will save the recipes. I am sure we'll have a third party at our dinner as well :)

  3. You guys are the cutest!!
    ♥ Kyna


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