Saturday, April 20, 2013

after one heck of a looong day at work...

....I came home to this.

And my heart melted.

And the 'waiter' asked if I'd like some milk.  "Yes, please" I said.
"Get some," the waiter commands to the man in the kitchen.

The waiter brings out my dinner.  He steals a couple of green beans off my plate as he sets it down.

Still hungry, he climbs into my lap and digs in.

As his tummy fills up, he is able to think clearly again and recalls that all the fine establishments provide coloring pages for their patrons.  Soon a pile of Transformer and super hero coloring books are spilling into my dining space.  "Here.  Color these first," he instructs me.

Then out come the birthday cupcakes.

He blows out the candle before the end of the song.  Then pumps his fist in the air proclaiming, "I winned!"

4 star service at it's best!


  1. This just might be the cutest thing ever! You are so blessed!
    ♥ Kyna

  2. The sweetest! Such a nice little duo of men you have in your life :)


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