Sunday, May 26, 2013

just the facts

He was standing halfway across the playground with his new "friend", when I saw him turn around and point at me.  And then he said, "That's my mommy.  She loves me a lot.  We have a dog, her name is Lucy."

Then he turned back around and ran off for more super hero action with his new bud.

And I sat there, beaming.  Because that was it, his life summary in three sentences.  The things that are important & meaningful & factual to his four year old self.  And on the top of that list is that his mommy loves him.  a lot.

So grateful there is no question in his mind of how much his mama loves him.

Also, grateful to have made it higher on the list than Lucy.

Sorry Jon, don't take it personally... I'm sure you'll make the list next time  ;)


  1. Such a sweet post. What a true testament of a mother's love. And, how beautiful that Sam knows it through & through. So sweet. Jon, he loves you too ;)

  2. This was beautiful. What a safe haven you have created for your sweet son, that he is sure of his mama's love for him. Love you!! xo

  3. That's sooooo sweet. You little boy is so precious! Lol at being higher on the list than Lucy :)

  4. This is adorable! ANd I love your wedges! :)

  5. Oh that is too sweet! Adore the pictures :D

  6. Oh that is so cute! Not that you really wonder if he knows.. but it must be good to just hear it plain like this :)


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