Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the ones I will miss

There are certain words Sam says that just turn my heart into a big ol' puddle of mush.  Not necessarily the meaning of the word, although there are those too, but how he says it.  This list, which used to be much longer, is shrinking day by day, as his verbal skills continue to grow.  One of 'the originals', which will always be on my list of all time faves, was 'muk-a-muk', aka milk.  This was one of his first words, but has long since fallen to the wayside.  The other day, I jokingly asked him if he'd like some muk-a-muk, and sadly he didn't even recognize the word. So of course, as any good mama would do, I told him about "that one time you were a little tiny baby..."

And he loved it.
And I loved that he loved it.

And this got me to thinking, what are some of his other words I will so sorely miss when they're gone?
lellow {yellow}
loo-lulls {noodles}
puh-cuter {computer}
pack pack {backpack}
cuh-splosion {explosion}
woah-gurt {yogurt}
hosbibal {hospital}
kleez {please}
fink {think}

Oh motherhood... so bittersweet.  So proud to watch him grow each day, but still my heart aches knowing that I will wake up one day and he'll be a man.  An independent man, who is ready to leave the arms of his mama behind to go explore this wide world on his own.  And I'll need to be ready to let him.

But these arms will always be ready and waiting.


  1. Awwww, they grow way to quick. He'll always come back to your waiting matter how old and independent he gets :)

  2. Gosh, this is the sweetest post ever. You're such a great mommy.

    I'm not a mom yet but just watching my nephew grow has been incredible to me. It's like, you were just a little baby. How are you having a conversation with me?!

  3. It is quite bittersweet to watch them grow so fast!! I'm glad you've now written down his words/pronunciations so that you can remember them always. :)


  4. Wow that's really touching. :)


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