Friday, June 28, 2013

a nicknaming tale of caution

 shirt: J.C. Penney's, skirt {actually a dress}: Ross, shoes: Keds, watch: Skagen, bag: Nine West

Remember how I once told you that we're a nickname kind of family

Truth is, it really all starts with our fearless nicknaming leader, Jon.  If you've met the man he's got a nickname for you.  You probably don't even know it.  But he does.  Now, rest assured there is nothing malicious about it and honestly, I think it's hardly a conscious decision on his part.  The names just come to him.  You see, it all starts with just one and from there it becomes a slippery slope for nickname addicts.

And our little pup Lucy is no exception.   Actually, Lucy probably has more nicknames than anyone.  "Lucy" became "Loo" which became "Loodle".  "Loodle" turned to "Noodle" which turned to "Sploodle" and the list goes on...  Amazingly, Lucy {or Loo, or Loodle, or Sploodle, or Splood, etc....} answers to all of these names.  Good girl.

One afternoon at the park, a little girl came running up to us, she bent down to pet Lucy and asked Sam, "What's your dog's name?"

Sam paused for a moment, looked at us and said,
"Ummm... Lucy I fink? Yeah, yeah!  Lucy, that's her name."

Oh my.

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