Wednesday, June 26, 2013

road trip. heck yes. {part 1}

We thought our road trippin' days were over, that we were distinguished folks with a real life income now and everyone knows that those kind of folks do. not. road trip.  oh no.  only airports for as far as the eye can see for those kind of folks.  But then I started getting that itch.  That longing for the freedom that only the wind blowing through your hair as the minutes & hours all begin to run together and you feel as though all of eternity is yours to chat or nap or sit quietly holding hands as the sun beams down on the open road in front of you.  ohhh the feelings that only a road trip can provide.  and I wasn't alone, Jon was feeling it too.  so a few months back we worked out a plan to hit that open road to meet up with Jon's fam in Colorado.

We left two weeks ago today, the day after Jon finished his test from h-e-double hockey sticks. And it was wonderful, my friends.  Truly, not a care in the world for either of us.  Free as birds we were, for nine whole days...

Let me introduce you to our swashbucklin' crew:

Jon, the driver.

Sam, the ridiculously patient child.
{side note: remind me to write a love letter to Redbox thanking them for their widespread availability and sufficient selection of children's movies}

And me, photog & maker-surer that the snacks didn't  have the opportunity to go stale.
{the print should also say "Objects in mirror are actually quite a bit less dirty than they appear.  I promise."}

Many small towns lined the interstate along our route, but only one left a strong impression on us.  Jerome, Idaho.  Oh Jerome, you lured us in with the promise of a Walmart not too far from the interstate, knowing that we all needed a pit stop and that I was in the market for a new tube of mascara.  Unbeknownst to us, while we happily perused the store stretching our legs for just a few minutes, you were brewing somethin' wicked up outside.  As the automatic doors slid open, bam!  a dust storm greeted us in the face.  and by "dust" I mean "cow poop".  and as the lady exiting the store behind us so eloquently put it, "ohhhh crap!".  Jerome, you left us with a bad taste in our mouth {quite literally} and the fear of acquiring pneumonia.  dang you, Jerome.

We ended up spending the night in Salt Lake City and the next morning we went out to explore the town.  Truly a unique place, such a pretty little city nestled in the foothills of the surrounding snow capped mountains.  Also, we ate at Denny's twice that day, which just so happens to be twice as many times as I'd eaten there in the last decade.  But seriously, sausage, eggs and pancakes for $4???  duh.

And all that sunshine!  Just look at the smiles on those Oregonian faces ;)
{Also, we are now accepting applications for our albino synchronized swimming team.}

Wouldya just look at those dapper fella's...
 I mean, who wouldn't love to road trip with these two?


  1. Sounds like a nice road trip (minus the dust storm). Hope you had a great time!

  2. I've been itching to do a road trip a a family! This looks like so much fun!!!

    ♥ Kyna

  3. How fun! Exploring new cities is always a blast. I bet hitting the open road felt amazing for your husband who has just been released from studying hell! I happen to be a huge fan of Denny's! We never eat there b/c there are too many better options but it's perfect for road trips. Always there. Fast and cheap!

  4. We are completely doing a road trip in August! I can't wait! I love road trips just as much as I love to fly :)

    Looks like such a great trip! Love all your pictures!


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