Wednesday, August 28, 2013

last night

Last night, my husband was hanging some shelves in the bedroom for me.  Sitting on top of my vanity, I chatted with him, handing him the next tool when necessary, watching him work, and joking that if I was left to my own devices with those shelves there was a high probability they would end up more like a slide for knick-knacks rather than a shelf {true story}.

And something about that moment really struck me.  Something about him standing there in his boxer shorts and undershirt patiently helping me with my project after his long day at school.  And that familiar butterflies feeling began to sneak up on me.  But not just the regular ol' butterflies you get before a big test or planning out a much anticipated vacation, but the ones that seem to swell up inside of your chest until it feels so tight it makes you catch your breath.

All the romance movies out there have told me that it takes a sky full of fireworks & some grand show of love to do that, but you know, I think sometimes it's those unexpected simple moments that do it best.


  1. So sweet and so very true!!! You have a wonderful way with words!

  2. That's true love! Keep those butterflies coming.

  3. I know what you mean! I love my husband very much. But there are some moments when I just seem full of love for him, like more than usual. And it's not always clear what the reason to prompt this is. And you said it, that is the real thing.

  4. Oh, I understand this one of the best we can feel...


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